400 Moons

spring cleaning

I have been blank on finding anything to post lately. Work has been so busy and I have been dealing with some draining personal stuff so it is not surprising that I can't seem to find a cool new blog to post about! Anyway, I am sure I will get out of this little phase soon, so in the meantime I am just relaxing and enjoying the shift in the seasons. I have been spring cleaning and am happy to get rid of some of the clutter that not only takes up space in a closet but in one's life. I have no problem putting dumpy sweaters into storage and replacing them with new spring clothes. I am excited to have some dear friends moving here soon, and to be reconnecting with others I have missed. And really, I am just happy to not be too worried with my to do lists right now, and more concerned with the smaller things. Like how great it feels to have my sweet pit bull sleeping on me while I type this! Off to enjoy the night, but first, here are a few little pics I have snapped today with my new photo app!