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the flood of nashville

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You can plan your days, work overtime to meet deadlines, make major life decisions and have certain expectations of how things will move forward; and then the city you live in gets flooded and all things come to a halt! This past weekend Nashville was hit with record breaking amounts of rain that caused major flooding all over the city. Thankfully, I was not personally affected by any damage to house, car, etc...but have friends who were, and the museum has been closed due to slight flooding and power outages. Weeks and weeks worth of work and projects to meet a mid-May deadline will have to be shifted, but the days off of work have allowed for a mental break that was much needed. And the reminder that we can only control so much in our lives and we have to hand the rest over is always a good thing.

I wasn't able to get out and get many pictures, but luckily my friend Paul, who is a fantastic photographer, was able to get some pretty amazing shots of downtown.