400 Moons

paint can change a room, but that is all it changes

I had a friend help me repaint a lot of the rooms in the house these past two weeks. It was time, and it was necessary to really feel like I could settle back into the house in a healthy way. E would have probably resisted the color palette I picked out at first, only to then love it! His taste was a lot more bold and bright...much like his energy. But I felt strongly about shifting the energy to a more quiet palette this time around. I have a bit more work to do to put the rooms back together, so will wait to post pictures in the next week or two. But I did keep some spots of his original color palette, and must say it makes me smile to see them.

Also, notice the red pepper—the first from my pepper plant; and the sandwich with the homemade herb mayo, made with herbs I had picked that morning! nice...oh, and my paint "tattoo"..i thought that was pretty cool..