400 Moons

an anniversary remembered

Four years ago E and I were married. October 21st, 2006. I can honestly say that day was one of my favorite. Top 3 for sure. I know it is cliche to say things like that, but it is true. To be gathered with all of your favorite people, with good food, atmosphere, and energy; and to marry someone that you love so much — well it is hard to beat a day like that. Alot has happened since that day, and to not have E here anymore is so hard to believe. I have been nervous about this date coming up for a few months now. But I decided that instead of feeling lost and sad and wishing things had turned out differently; I would find a way to make this day great. The 21st of October has been such a wonderful day in my life for the past few years and I don't want that to change. That seems like a better way to remember E and our time together. Seems like the next best thing to him actually still being here and being well.

I have been looking through our wedding album today. I was asked to send them to another girl who is having her wedding at Carnton Plantation too, and wanted some inspiration. But of course, it was poetic that it coincides with our anniversary. It is definitely hard to see them and to see how beautiful E was, how in love we were. But it is so nice to be on this side of it all and to not regret a day of it. I am thankful for every bit of time with E — all the good, all the bad, all the sick and the healthy days, and the life we stitched together. I am thankful for how he loved me unconditionally, and for the things I learned from him. I am also thankful to have had such an amazing day in my life and beautiful photographs to remember it by.

more photos here

all photographs by Micheal Howard