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Lonny magazine

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The day I received my last issue of Domino magazine was a sad day indeed. If you read my post back in January of 2009 you might remember. But today is a really GREAT day! Thanks to my mother who reads my blog and recognized the magazine being discussed on Oprah, I have found THIS! Lonny magazine!! It is basically the online version of Domino. However, it may be a little more genius. Started in October of 2009, by the former market assistant and photographer for Domino magazine, it is a bi-monthly online magazine that reads like a rag, but the unique features of the web allow for being able to click on items and be redirected to where you can buy. There is also a different level of interiors being photographed—not as staged, instead, actual real living spaces. Anyway, for those of you who have been missing this magazine like I have, this site may fill that void for you! Now that is one less thing to be sad about, right?! Happy browsing!

Read the New York Times article that explains much better than I have!