400 Moons

david stark holiday from west elm

I opened my email this morning to find one from West Elm advertising their David Stark holiday collection. It is focused on recycled materials and everyday objects that have been given new life as holiday decor! Anyway, this prompted me to continue to look and see what else is out there this season. Lots of neutrals and clever materials being used. I have been hesitant about how much decorating I will do this year, and definitely haven't felt the need to buy anything new; so it is inspiring to think about reusing what I might already have and to MAKE a few new decorations and gifts.

Season's Fleeting Wreath; Leaf ornaments; Snowflake Doilies; Metallic Leaves; Screen Printed Wrapping Paper; Yarn Skein ornament; Recycled Paper garland and Red & White twine; Card Garland; Winter Ice Canape Plate