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It definitely turned Fall/with a touch of Winter this week! Time to pull out coats and scarves, and make soups, ciders, and all foods that are cozy! My friend Faith came over the other night bearing a wonderful gift that is perfect for this time of year. A satchel filled with spices that once put on the stove to simmer will make your house smell so festive! It reminds me of home because my mom does this too. It is so simple, but packaged the way Faith did makes for a great little gift. So here is the scoop:

Throw the following into a swatch of fabric and tie off with a ribbon:
2 cinnamon sticks
2-3 whole nutmeg
Palm full of whole cloves
Palm full of whole All Spice

Attach a handmade tag with the following directions:
Cover with water all contents of package and sliced oranges. Boil then simmer. Lasts one week.

Pair the package of spice with 2 oranges and you are set! Happy Holidays!