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auntie em goes shopping

emily1 Comment
My only sister is having her first baby at the end of December. I will officially be "Auntie Em"! I could not be more excited about this baby, and as the date gets closer, I find myself constantly searching for the cutest baby stuff I can find!

I am obsessed with all of these items. I mean, those Rainbow Blocks are SO beautiful I want a set just for myself! And, I have been eyeing the Eames elephant stool for years now. And that little red fox onesie paired with those moccasins will make for the coolest baby on the block! Oh, and no worries, sis, I have already gotten the "My Aunt Rocks" shirt! ;)

Wooden Rainbow Blocks; Cord-Roy Elephant; Wooden mobile; T-shirt; Gray striped sleep sack; Wooden Nesting Cave; Fox Onesie; Moccasins; Eames elephant