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christmas gathering

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When I moved to Nashville, I only had about three friends that already lived here. Granted, they were some of my best friends and past roommates, but coming from college and a small town where I had established friendships that had grown over many, many years; it was a leap to get out there and really have to meet so many new people. And start over essentially. It was at my first job that I met some of the key people who have been in my life all of my years in Nashville. Countless birthday parties, holiday gatherings, New Year's Eve's, weddings, and trips. We have all been through so many phases together. Good and bad. And as different as we all are from each other, our time together is still filled with as much laughter and conversation as the days we first met. We have been a family. This year a lot has happened to this family...there was the passing of E, a marriage, and a new baby. And the new year will bring even more change as our little crew is going to be saying goodbye to friends moving to Portland, Oregon and another to New York City. So this year's holiday gathering was kind of bittersweet. We had a new "member" in the form of a tiny 8 month old join us! But, it might also be the last time we all gather like we have all these years for Christmas. Unfortunately, change is inevitable and necessary, so there is no need to dwell on it. It was nice to spend an evening with wonderful friends and food and enjoy the time we do have together.