400 Moons

lottie+doff mac+cheese

I have a minor issue with taking pictures of the food I am eating, as you may have already noticed! But I don't talk much about how much I enjoy cooking! There was an interest at a young age, but over the past few years I have actually learned to prepare food well. E had a love of cooking and I learned a lot from him. He was the kind that didn't need a recipe. Could just throw it together and voilà! I still need the recipe crutch but have been doing it long enough now to be able to prepare a handful of dishes by heart. Trying new recipes makes me a bit uneasy though. There is nothing more disappointing than spending time in the kitchen only to have the food turn out so-so. This has happened quite often for me when I have tried something new! But this was not the case for this Mac + Cheese last night. The recipe came from a blog that I frequent, and it really turned out the way I had hoped it would. I didn't have red pepper flakes so left that out, and I would maybe put in less onion (only because I tend to like less onion in all food), but I will definitely add this to my list of keepers. Try it! It is perfect weather for this comfort food!