400 Moons

january, snow, and peace

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There has been more snow these past few months than I have ever experienced. It has been cold. Gray most days. This winter has been difficult. I have been stuck inside, so I am reading more. Mostly about grief. Whether it has been someone else's experience or just facts about the process. I started with one story, which led to another, which leads to more. I tend to "go to the literature" when I am presented with something new. To get a bigger picture of it all. In the end I believe this will be a rewarding thing, but lately I have not been so sure. It brings up realities and feelings that at this point in healing might be better left untouched. But I know better than to pretend it is not there, so I continue forward.

I was presented with something today, however, that renewed my belief in the bigger picture. Reminded me that energy and love and souls never really separate. In the midst of this sadness, this grief and mourning, this gray, dormant, quiet space I am in; I was given a gift of true peace. To say I am thankful is an understatement. It is life-altering.