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baby cowboy boots

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I got these little cowboy boots for my baby boy nephew a month or so ago from a shop in town called Tweed. The minute I saw them I had to snatch up a pair! Tweed is a great little children's shop over in Edgehill, and they carry a wonderful variety of items — clothing, toys, note cards, books, bags, you get the idea. There are hand-sewn clouds hanging behind the register, and all the items are arranged in such an artful way. There is even a hanging reading nook for children that resembles a tree and has fabric leaves sewn all over it. And if that wasn't charming enough, the lovely girl who owns it will wrap up your gift and attach a handmade card that she constructs while getting to know you. Lovely!!

Baby Boy has a little more growing to do before these fit really well and don't come flying off as he kicks his legs. He has finally discovered he can do this, and can't get enough of it! However, he still looks pretty darn cute in them if I do say so myself!