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releasing the wolf

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A few weeks ago I drove past a little art gallery over in the 12South neighborhood and noticed a painting in the front window—I have not been able to stop thinking about it since. I had just enough time where I was stopped in front to be able to see that it was of three wolves in the snow; two interacting, one off in the distance. There was something about the colors, and the shadows in the snow, but what I loved most was the perspective. It was almost as if you were looking down on the wolves from above. Anyway, as I mentioned before I have not been able to get this image out of my head. So yesterday, because the weather was amazing, I decided to take a break from work and head over and check it out. It was more beautiful than I expected, and I love it. I was secretly hoping it would be something I could afford, but of course, it was way out of my budget! So I will just have to enjoy from afar! The artist is Diane Tremaine and most of her subject matter is of animals. I actually really loved all of her work, but the wolves and the horses were my favorite. This particular painting is from an experience the artist had observing a captured wolf being released back into the wild. I won't go into detail on why this painting resonates with me, but the wolf symbolism is the biggest part of it, and knowing the background behind it makes me love it more.

One my way out I stopped at a relatively new joint called LB's Market House that is right next door. I have a friend who works there and have been excited to check it out. It was as cool as I expected it would be. LB’s is a new market and deli that uses fresh, local foods, and also carries plenty of items that are not food related. I walked away with a chicken salad sandwich that was the perfect ending to a leisurely lunch break.

Diane Tremaine "Closing In"
48x48, Oil on canvas