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oilcloth outdoor table

emily6 Comments
In my attempts to update the back yard, I can't help but notice that my outdoor furniture could use a little sprucing up too. So, I am trying to find inexpensive ways to do this. I have a wonderful and huge back yard, but don't necessarily have much shade and protection from the elements, so any furniture I have out takes a beating. For example, this little table. This was part of a larger set that E had many moons ago. The larger table and chairs were passed on to a friend who moved into a new house a few years ago—but this table was too useful to not hang on to. The only problem is, the white base and "glass" top show any bit of dirt and it never really looks clean. So, I found a can of red spray paint in the garage that I had used for another project. There was still had plenty left and thought it would be a great color for the base. For the top, I spent about $7 to get this pretty floral oilcloth at my favorite local fabric store. I cut it to the size of the top, added a few drops of super glue to reinforce that it would stay put, and popped it back into the base. A few bucks later and I now have a bright new table to enjoy. And I still have plenty of oilcloth left for another project!