400 Moons

so apparently I make these now...

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Here is the latest terrarium that I have put together! My friend Susan saw my first post and asked me to help her make one. After looking at different containers, we decided upon this large, square shape. She wasn't sure how she felt about adding feathers, marbles or rocks; and felt that something a little simpler might be more her style. So instead, I decided to cram as many plants in it as possible letting the variety of succulents give it its texture. Because the container was square and would show more of the layers than a curved container might, we decided to make that a focus. I layered the bottom with a two-toned combination of shiny white sand and white rocks. It contrasts well with the dark soil and makes the shades of green in the plants pop.

I have an order for two more already! Not to mention I found a pretty awesome container recently that will be a perfect home for a tiny red fox that I have...so let me know if you want in!