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umbrella shopping

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I was having a discussion with a friend recently about umbrellas. About the fact that we never want to spend any money on one, but always wish that we had when it is raining out. She had found a colorful one on sale somewhere and finally decided to get one, and was saying what a difference it made. I can say that I have never really purchased an umbrella that was over $10, and they are all usually black. I think I may have had a red one at some point, but feel pretty sure I borrowed that from a friend! My current one (black, of course) was a freebie from a vendor backstage at Bonnaroo, and after 5 good years it has finally gone missing! It has always been the kind of thing that when I come across one I would like to get, I decide I would rather spend my money on something else. So, with all of this being said, I need to get a new one and think it is time to spruce it up a bit! It is raining something awful here today, so all of this umbrella browsing has helped add a bit of cheer. I am a huge fan of Marimekko, so feel certain I will go that route, but have always loved the MOMA umbrella with the sky on the inside. I wish I had that bright yellow one today, but will have to make do with an old Yankee's ball cap in the meantime.

MoMA Sky Umbrella; Marimekko Unniko Umbrella; The Classic Umbrella in Marigold; Totes Bubble Umbrella; Marimekko Mini umbrella in a pattern I am not sure of; Bella Pagoda in Black and White; Classic Vintage Burberry Umbrella; Marimekko Petrooli Compact in Orange and Pink; Brooks Brothers Tattersall Umbrella