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mixed bag of inspiration

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I have bookmarked a few things over the past few weeks that I love and want to post about, but haven't really felt the need to focus an entire blog on each item. So, I am going to combine them into a quick snapshot. Hope you like them to!

Leah Duncan + Satsuma Press letterpress and textile collaboration

I love patterns, illustration, and letterpress; so was happy to come across this collaboration piece between two talented ladies. It consists of the lovely illustrations by Leah Duncan and is printed by Lynn Russell of Satsuma Press. I have been an admirer of Leah Duncan's work for a while now, and was happy to come across Satsuma Press through this collaboration between the two.

"Light as a Feather" necklace from Dogeared

Dogeared has gotten a lot of press for it's karma necklace, which I have yet to get for some reason, but I also really love this necklace. Most of their jewelry is rooted in symoblism and the concept of wearing something for it's meaning. I am a big fan of that idea, and this particular symbol holds a lot of meaning for me.

"Cockatoo Feather Dress"

Speaking of feathers....I can't get over this dress. First, the fabric is gorgeous. Second, the shape of it is so beautiful, but simple. Seems perfect for a summer evening. And third, the fact that it is $500! Wonder if I can find someone who could make this for me?!

putting entire branches into vases vs. fresh cut flowers

This seems to be a trend that keeps popping up on interior blogs and magazines. I support it fully!
The above image is by architectural photographer, Casey Dunn.

"Recycled Denim Jute Rug" by West Elm

I love all of the shades of blue that are happening naturally in this rug. Blue is the only color that I can truly say I like EVERY shade of. This may be the perfect rug for my bedroom?!