400 Moons

flea markets and new friends

emily4 Comments

I will have to say that this weekend was one of the more eventful weekends I have had in a while. After many years of going to flea markets, I finally experienced what it is like on the other side of the booth! The folks putting on Porter Flea did an excellent job with every little detail, making for such a positive experience. If they decide to do this more often—which they should—I will definitely be a part of it again! It was organized, well orchestrated, and the vendors were all unique and cool. The best part of it all was getting to know so many new people who are all out here doing the same thing—making things with our hands.

We did really well as far as our booth goes. There were so many questions, and so much interest in the terrariums. How to care for them…What were the different layers for…What kind of sunlight…and on and on. It was fun to spend a day talking to so many different people and getting to know them. Every part of the day was a success and I couldn’t have had more fun.

This whole "terrariums/400 Moons" thing has happened so organically, it was wonderful to step back this weekend and see how things can move along when you don’t overanalyze it too much. What started as making a terrarium or two for myself and some friends, lead to my friend’s husband seeing the potential in them, which then lead to a silly conversation about going in together and selling them, taking us further along as the brainstorming became real. When I came across the Porter Flea event, I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to try this out and see where it all might go! It also seemed like the kind of market that I would want to be involved in. I was 100% right about this. It was a great way to take a leap of faith and see what can come from it!