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the marlow hobo

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My friend Howard once said to me that he will never understand how women choose their purses. Since he mentioned this, I find myself observing women and their bag/purse choices and I definitely get what he means. Often times it is exactly what I expect, most of the time it is not! It is a strange thing how women express themselves through this odd necessity. Whether we base it on what is trendy, or what outfits we are wearing, the fact remains that most of us have had plenty of purses over the years that most likely outline all the phases of styles we have been through.

Recently I made the decision that it was time to find a "grown up" bag. After many, many, many years of carrying purses that were either vintage store finds (aka always under $20) or trendier finds that I refuse to pay more than $50 for because I am not a big trend person (aka Target or TJ Maxx purses); I felt like I was ready to choose a bag that I would actually want to hang onto for many, many, many years! I had already decided it would have to be brown leather, the questions over the past few months have been ... what style? messenger, tote, hobo. Should it be more of a work bag or an actual purse? How big or small did it really need to be? Did I want handles or a strap? What sort of bag would be my style for more than a short season? After much searching I have found this perfect bag! Turns out I am a “hobo” kind of girl. Large enough for work, but still can pass as a purse. Perfect brown leather, sturdy bottom so it doesn’t slouch, two types of handles, and neither compete with each other, plenty of pockets, but not too many that it looks tacky, very little detail on the outside. And to push the point home even further it is named the “Marlow Hobo”. Get out of here! Of course I had to get it! And I couldn’t be happier! I think Howard would see me with this bag and agree that it fits me perfectly!