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a long time coming...

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I posted back in August about the flooding, luckily minor flooding, that happened in my garage/studio, and that it caused me to get my space reorganized and cleaned up. I also mentioned that during the clean up process my worktable had finally given in and had enough. This prompted me to begin the search for something more than two tables pushed together and held tight with kraft paper!

The truth is I have been on this search for years. Long before I married E, moved into the house and slowly began to convert half the garage into studio space, I had been on this search. It began when I saw a table in a picture of a letterpress studio and I knew this was the perfect kind of table for me too. Plenty of flea markets, garage sales, odd furniture stores and online searches later, and still, nothing. In most cases, my lack of patience would have swayed me to just buy any table that would work, but I have learned that sometimes waiting for what I know is just right is a better option. Because the luxury of time was no longer available, and finding this perfect table was not happening, what else does a girl do but go to her daddy to see if HE can build it! My dad is not only handy, but also creative, and when it comes to solving something, well he is your man! It took a few hours of wandering around Lowe’s to find all that we needed, and then only a few more to get it put together. And before I knew it, years of waiting were over. This in itself is a great feeling, but having my father help me with it makes it even better! Trust me, I know that it may not be as complex or fancy as some out there, so why do I love it so much? Well, it is the perfect height for ME, it rolls, plenty of storage underneath, long enough to have multiple projects going at once, it is simple and utilitarian, and it was built specifically for me by someone who believes in everything that I will create here. Yep, I was right about this one—waiting was the better option.