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I have been doing a little organizing and cleaning out in this new year. It is a great feeling to get things streamlined. I had a few days recently where I had some extra time to go through my phone and begin cleaning out some of the pictures I have taken over the last year or two. All of this to be said, because I realized how many pictures I actually have of food! Meals I have made, or enjoyed in a restaurant, or from the farmer's market. If you know me or have had a meal with me, you mostly like know it is a common thing for me to pull out my phone and photograph it before ever picking up a fork! I used to take these photos with my Nikon, but since I don't really have a food blog or an outlet like that, it seemed to be a little much. Now I just use my phone, because I always have it with me, and it seems less intense. I know I do this because of all of the beautiful colors that are naturally found in food, and also the creativity that comes from preparing it. But I am now realizing it is also a way of journaling. Documenting. As I scrolled through the pictures I could remember where I was, who I was with, why I wanted to "mark" that meal down in some way. Recently I downloaded a Hipstamatic lens called "Foodie." Again, if you know me, you most likely know I take a lot of Hipstamatic photos, so combining the two is perfect for this little tick of mine! Looks like I will not be stopping anytime soon! Here is a collection of some of my favorite shots from the last year and below a documentation of when they were taken!

Top left to right:
Dinner at Becco in NYC with Claire, that was the beginning of a fun and memorable night about town  |  Yazoo Gerst during one of my favorite Summer days spent by myself doing only what I wanted to do  |  Micheal Worthy's famous fish tacos during our vacation at the beach, I love every meal I have ever had with Michael and his wife/my best friend Brooke  |  gorgeous latte at Crema on a regular coffee date with Faith  |  Beef Bourguignon made by Faith for a perfect Fall dinner party at her house with Chris, Ellen, and Nekos  |  tomato soup with avocado during the cold quiet days of heavy snow at the beginning of the year  |  strussel muffins and fruit that was the start to one of the most fun yard sales ever  |  Silly Goose specialty "King Kong" couscous on a lovely summer evening with Claire  |  loads of produce from the Nashville farmer's market on the weekend of July 4th, that resulted in lots of pickled okra, frozen corn for the winter, and a festive cake for a cookout  |  apples from a trip with my parents to the farmers market in the fall, that was one of my favorite days  |  french toast from brunch with friends Adrianne and Megan  |  cheeseburger at the new local joint in East Nashville, The Pharmacy, on a really fun New Years Eve day with Nicholas  |  holidays flavors at Jeni's in East Nashville—a "night cap" after the performance of Charlie Brown Christmas at the Family Wash with Geoff, Katy, Claire, Susan, and Courtney  |  tacos from South Depot Taco Shop in Oxford, MS with Nicholas  |  Lunch at Edely's in 12 South before the holidays with friends Adrianne and Faith  |  Christmas turkey smoked by my brother-in-law Roy and it turned out gorgeous  |  bananas to go on toast with peanut butter and honey after a long new year's eve  |  strong cup of joe at Fido in Hillsboro Village with dear friend Kath while talking about life and the upcoming year