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cutting board class

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cutting board pieced together, before it has been polished into its final form

I signed up for a woodworking class recently, and the focus was to make a cutting board. Strangely enough, I have been on the hunt for a really nice cutting board for quite some time. Turns out the really stellar ones—not some little bamboo guy from TJ Maxx—are quite expensive! So when I saw that this class would not only result in what I had been searching for, but it would also teach me basics of woodworking, I figured why not! My grandfather did a lot of woodworking and I grew up playing around in his shop, but never really learned any techniques. I would just find random pieces to glue or hammer together. This was pretty close to what I did during art school in my sculpture class—finding random pieces in the wood bin to build something that might result in a sculpture! Again, never really learning any real techniques. So I suppose it's never too late! I am really proud of how it turned out. This approach to cutting up pieces, gluing them back together and hoping something will result turned out much better with a little guidance! It will be a nice compliment to my counter and my cooking. My grandfather will be proud, no doubt!