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yard makeover

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I have been a bit MIA the last few weeks on my blog, but for good reason. I have spent the majority of my free time lately outside—with my hands in the dirt, digging holes, hauling topsoil and mulch, killing grub worms, saving earthworms, getting sunburned. And planting a collection of bushes, herbs and flowers all in the effort to add a little bit more character to my backyard. A place where I spend a lot of time. I have a really great yard, with a lot of space and so many possibilities. But over the years it has almost been easier to just keep it as a playground for the dogs and stick to keeping flowers and plants on the deck. Last fall, with the help from my dad, I dug up and cut down all of the dead bushes that were becoming an eye sore, creating a blank slate. I have spent the winter months researching what I might want to plant and looking through images for inspiration. I decided the best place to start would be to create another little sitting area at the point where the edge of the driveway meets the yard. I made a list of what I wanted it to be—landscaped yet utilitarian, shade for the dogs, organic and loose, use as many found objects as I could, flowering bushes and evergreens, an herb and cutting garden, and a space that could serve as a little more private of a sitting area. Check, check, check! Somehow I did this. Besides input from my dad and my friend Melissa on what to plant, and my friend Brad helping me till up the ground, I managed to do this on my own! And I have the sore muscles to prove it! 

before and after
tilling—turns out there were concrete blocks that proved to be a challenge!
the dogs checking it out; ground after much work to clean out the grass and dig out rocks
building the herb bed
view of herb/cutting garden and bushes; herbs on the right and wildflower seeds planted on the left
backside of bed; bird bath that was a gift from a friend—it is handmade and has a beautiful blue glaze
on the inside and a pressed leaf pattern. Made by a local artist in town
close up of herbs; side view
pathway made of rocks that were bought and the rest of the bed is lined with rocks that
I dug up while prepping the ground; sitting area
herb/cutting bed views; gate to keep out rabbits and more importantly my dogs!