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cramming Summer into a month

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I have been a little MIA this Summer on my blog. The lack of extra time to write and post has really bummed me out too! I haven't had much down time from work until recently and I cannot believe it is the end of August. Honestly, this Summer as a whole has not really been a fun one. It hasn't been bad, but besides a few highlights here and there, it has been pretty lame when it comes to trips and typical summer activities. This was realized at the end of July, so I decided I would try to make the most of what Summer I had left and turn this thing around! I have managed to squeeze my 32nd birthday, time with family, running (the majority of) my first 5K, having some dear friends in town, the Tomato Arts Festival, the Wilson County Fair, sewing and pottery, the Gee's Bend exhibit at the Frist, and just more hang time with friends in general into the month of August. So, I guess now I feel I am a bit more caught up on this season and can be ready for a new one. I realized yesterday—while digging up mounds of bermuda grass, that due to the heat and my lack of wanting to be outside in the heat, had taken over my once lovely flower beds—that I might just be ready to transition out of this summer. Being eaten alive by mosquitos while having this realization helped solidify my feelings on the matter!