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my new hobo (bag, that is!)

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Months ago when my car was broken into and my purse and wallet were stolen, I posted about being thankful despite all that was lost. That it was more of an inconvenience than real loss, and was renewed by the help that showed up all around me that day. It has taken a few months but I have pretty much gotten everything back in order. Accounts have been cancelled, my information updated, damage to the car is fixed. And as much as I am fine with all of it, I was secretly hoping that somehow my beautiful bag and wallet would magically show back up. They never did. But yesterday, my new bag arrived, and I love it so! It took about 7-8 weeks for it to arrive, but it was well worth the wait! Thank goodness for a mother who came across such a great find, and who kindly wanted to get it for me. Thank goodness for parents who still want to do all they can to help pick me back up when I need it! I guess no matter how old you get it still feels pretty great when your parents get you something special. 

So... with a new bag slung across my shoulder, I am moving on past that incident!