400 Moons

2012: a year in review through snapshots

Instead of a post about what this year has rounded out to, or focusing much on what to expect in the new year, I thought I would just share a year in review through snapshots. There is a lot I can say about the last 12 months, but mostly I just want to remember that it was full of transformation. And it was full of love from family and friends. And that I worked my ass off in my day job, as well as in my personal work, and both with awesome results. Whether it was being able to spend a few months focused on Patsy Cline, or to see my 400 Moons endeavor begin to take shape, I am walking forward proud to remember that there is purpose and to keep pursuing it with blind faith. A year that started off with me still having to live alongside of grief and loss, is ending with me being filled with a peace that I did not expect to ever find. My soul is full and quiet. Or as they say, "my cup runneth over." Now off to let this one go and to ring in a new one. Happy New Year's!