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Front Porch Makeover

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I live in a great little ranch style house over in East Nashville. Even though it was built somewhere around 1950, there are very few things that aren't original to the house. The little lady that owned it before took great care of it, so there haven't been many repairs over the years. But as with anything, wear and tear happens and there comes a time for some updates. Case in point would be my front steps. The majority of any outdoor time is spent in my back yard on the deck, so there hasn't been much money put towards the front porch over the years. Maybe repaint a old chair or add some plants. But when the front steps began to lift up, and the storm/security door that was already with the house broke—well, I figured this Spring was as good a time as any to try and get some updates made.

The red tile is original to the house and is still for the most part, in really great shape. They sure don't make them like they used to do they?! Anyway, after 60+ years it makes sense that the steps that are used everyday would need repair. I only needed to replace a small portion, but was not able to track down the same tile. So, I had to get creative and figure out how I could keep the top tile that is still in great condition, but only replace the steps. I had a great friend offer to help me, but am pretty sure he had no idea what he was signing up for! We spent a cold, windy Saturday breaking tile of the steps, chipping away what previous grout we could in order to salvage some of the tile, and then cut wet tile for the new steps. I say "we" as in he mainly did all of this! Just a little head's up, this type of project would be best to do in the Spring or Summer! Anyway, by the end of the weekend, the tile was in place. I have spent the last few weeks grouting, updating the black metal stair rails and column to a silvery bronze, and getting a new storm door. I was never a fan of the security door and the way it looked, but I was a fan of being able to close it on nice days and have the option of a screen to let in fresh air. This door is a much better looking way to keep that option! I spray painted the chair an antique white, laid down a big jute rug, and found some new pots and side table at Old Tyme Pottery. With the addition of a few ferns over the weekend, and hopefully a few more pots of flowers when it gets a bit warmer, I will be all set! I just love how much cozier it feels already!

original tiled steps, the new tile after grouting but not polished up yet
ferns, flowers, and fresh new coat of paint on the chair
I used a platter I made in pottery that broke but still was so pretty I didn't want to throw it out! I collected that bird a few years ago at an antique store, and found that cute metal tin cup at a local garden store.