400 Moons

New York in the Fall

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Five days wandering around New York City was just what I needed recently after many months filled to the brim with work—both in my day job and with 400 Moons. Quality time with a dear friend that you miss so much is a pretty great way to decompress a little too! We spent crisp fall mornings enjoying coffee and browsing street markets and shops. We hopped to various parts of the city each night enjoying a variety of shows and restaurants. My favorite part of the trip might have been the night we went to see Once on Broadway, and then ducked into a little dive bar around the corner. We spent the night laughing and talking, and possibly having the most fun of any two people in the world! My second favorite part of the trip is surely all of the time I was able to spend wandering through museums by myself. Hours were spent one day getting lost amongst sculpture and paintings, and studying so many inspiring objects from all periods of art. Another time I examined quilts made in the early 1900s. But hands down, some of the most beautiful objects were found at the Museum of Natural History—gems and minerals and walls filled with species found all over the world. It was impossible to absorb it all! But I managed to tuck away plenty of memories into snapshots, and expand my soul just enough to leave the city revived.