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Happiness vs. Wholeness

emily3 Comments

YES! Yes, let's pursue wholeness! I have so much I want to say about this concept but can't seem to form a full, well thought-out blog post about it. So instead I will just say this. I am grateful to finally understand this truth. Many young years were filled with a constant struggle to keep the pendulum on happy, and they pale in comparison to my more recent pursuit of wholeness. Instead of pursuing a list of things that would, in my belief, make me happy, I have begun to embrace the things that make up my life. All of the great things and the tough things. I find I am less afraid to change or to make mistakes. I find myself feeling less like a failure because of this or that, and instead more settled in who I am. I am no longer trying to race to some imaginary finish line, and instead have more days where I actively enjoy experiencing life. Which strangely sounds like a better list for what should make me happy than the one I had collaged together in the first place. This quote has come up in so many conversations for me lately I felt it was a concept worth sharing. Hope it might resonate with others they way it has for me!